Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Myth of Organizational Change

There's a big myth about organizational change and here it is: that organizations change.

Organizations don't change; people change organizations.

I believe it's important to be quite clear on this. Particularly clear.

The consequences of not being crystal clear are pretty simple - like the consequences of living under any other delusion - you'll be worse off after than before, even if you continue in denial.

So think carefully before blithely launching into any 'change management' initiative.

During your planning how are you representing where the organization will be to yourselves, how are you talking about it?

If you are describing an organization transformed through the introduction of this technology or that new process, more measurement and reporting or better administration and control, then beware (be aware). The same applies if you're placing your bets on defining a mission, vision and strategy.

[Be aware and beware, too, of consultants who talk like this!]

It's not rocket science.

Only people change organizations.