Wednesday, May 16, 2007

JDYFJ - The Latest Management Fad

Thanks to Nick at Nearing Zero for coming up with a management approach that just might work in the long term!

I'm thinking about recommending this new approach to one client's management team.

It's actually a simple enough, if novel, proposition to base a change management initiative on. Everyone should be able to understand it without the need to rely on outside experts.

The implementation might be a little tricky. I suspect it might start with facilitating real communication. You know, the type of communication that can happen when people come face-to-face and start to relate to each other as humans with a common purpose, rather than just as functions in a process.

Who knows how much talent, creativity, innovation and energy might be released using this novel insight?

Who knows just how much better each of us might be able to do our fricking jobs?

Maybe that's what we're afraid of? (a bit of reverse psychology)

[go to Nick's site: It's worth the trip.]

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