Friday, March 30, 2007

The Importance of People at Work

I'm still thinking about the real importance of work, following the suicide of someone at my wife's work. It was the second suicide from the same unit in a year, although the other person did it at home.

My thinking has lead me to ask the question, "What is the importance of people at work?", because my wife told me that she had heard about two disturbing comments from people higher up the hierarchy than the victims.

The comments were along the lines of "Well, there are a lot of people working here, so you would expect something like this to happen," and "It happens everywhere."

I'm sorry but I don't expect things like suicide to happen at work, and it's never happened at any other place I've worked at.

The cynic in my is expecting an official response of barring all windows to prevent jumping, and insisting that all new facilities be ground level.

I'm still left with the question - What is the importance of people at work?

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